Richmond ROX Half Triathlon

  • Event Date: 2017 Date TBD
  • Location: Rocketts Landing, Richmond VA
  • Race Time: 7:00 am
  • Event Website: MultipSports ROX

The ROX Course course begins in Richmond with a XX Mile Run, transitions to the swim at Rockett’s landing, then the final 56 mile bike course out into Charles City County.

Amateur Radio Event Co-Directors: Mike Hackett

Amateur Radio Operator Info:
This is a directed Net using tactical call signs on the RATS 146.88 (74.4PL) repeater. Please check in when onsite, and before leaving post.

Bike and Walk stations can secure station one the last athlete has passed.  Note – Bike One is passed both on the way out and the way back in.

Bike and Run stations should report first rider and last rider. Also report the usual (low supplies, break down, rider pulling out of event Etc., there are NO sag vehicles: teams are supplying their own support and are not under event control.

Mobile operators are with the course marshals.

Transition operators report start and finish of each stage you may also be asked about general conditions at the transfer point.  Coordinate among yourselves to cover as needed



Triathlon Maps
13.1 Mile Run Course
56 Mile Bike Course